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Hey Babble Bees…
Lemme me start by being honest that i am pms’ing as i am writing this but what is worse is my bff is pms’ing with me.As sweet as it may sound it’s the most difficult time of the month, No not because of the PMS its because of the BFF .
I should be habituated by now but somehow my inner hope doesn’t die , she is an extremist and goes into a shell all through before the PMS , after the PMS and also there is the actual PMS in between , she is a complete different person and at least 9 times a year i have to deal with her disappearing act . Its like the person whom you converse with 24×7 is suddenly gone , and i cannot even fight with her .
My hormones have been attending the royal ball and if the back ache wasn’t enough I have been having hormonal breakouts . The week just got crazy with BFF having extreme mood swings ,my breakouts and also boo is out travelling , a little chance to go out to the movies is gone with him .
Do any of you have friends who treat you like a stress ball when they PMS ???