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Hey Babble Bee’s
And after shelling thousands of rupees guys , have you ever noticed that the ingredients in the Kylie liquid lip and color pop are so similar , like you could think its the same product in different packaging . This is what it is i guess , we are paying thrice the amount by buying Kylie lippies which are same in formulation as Color Pop with only an added “Kylie Kragrance” ( fragrance i mean ) .
My Bff said “ it was so dry after wearing the Kylie Lip kit in Ginger that it cracked her lips and it looked shabby “ , whilst my other friend says it stayed on forever and didn’t budge , clearly too much of old stock re circulation as they keep launching same products with different packaging every month .
I was so going to buy the Kylie Peach palette girls but i am going to give it a miss now , cannot handle the over pricing for repackaging and Kragrance .
I just wanted to share this little piece of info before you shell in a lot of money buying the Kylie Cosmetics which has the same formulation as Color Pop