Beauty and the book

An engineers degree ,a book and now to beautify my louves .

I have always loved to have my own dexters lab for skincare and kept making potions in my kitchen , and yes i owned an eyeshadow palette at the age of 11 . I had forgotten amidst my education the free flow of alchemy and art that skincare and makeup combines ,it gives me a sugar rush.As i did my first recital of my poem from the book that i had written on my youtube channel my friends and my brother suggested me to share my life on youtube and here we are .


I am very particular and research into depth with the products that I use and I suggest. As a brand analyst and beauty influencer i am keen on integrating my community to nothing but the best and as a girl i am a pizza loving , cartoon watching and a video game addict who loves her skincare vanity and her makeup vault a little lesser than her family .