Luxury is not sold its earned , and these skincare products are worth more than diamonds . There are many products from luxury skincare lines but there are a few that actually work and have the ingredients that will make you glow like gold and shine like a diamond , very soon we shall have a post on skincare products that have the most unique ingredients but for today we have the gems of Luxury skincare .

Platinum rare Cellular Cream

This gorgeous jar that almost looks like a crystal itself with the dimensional precision design actually contains Platinum . La Prairie’s Platinum rare Cellular Cream contains Platinum peptides rich in antioxidants and provides an invisible veil that helps maintain moisture, promoting long-lasting hydration.The consistency of the cream is rich and is a perfect product for a PM ritual , for a lighter option La Prairie’s Platinum rare serum is a better pick.

Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream

This product from Sisley , Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream is a must have for all those who have dry skin problems and you will not be disappointed .The fragrance of this cream is so delicious it feels like a bed of roses on skin . It contains Alkekengi calyx extract, Padina pavonica extract ,Hibiscus flower extract to increase the complexion radiance,Alpine Rose extract, rich in powerful antioxidants , essential oils of Rose, Magnolia and Geranium to invoke your senses . Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream will hydrate your skin and leave it plump like never before .

Genaissance de Serum Essence

This serum by LA MER is a scientific miracle in a bottle and the technological procedure was discovered by Max Huber , it was discovered that there were crystals being formed from this miracle broth and after many trials this bottle of Genaissance came to us . This serum adds back lost lustre to your skin and you will see the that the sheen on your skin comes back .The serum gets soaked into the skin and this bottle of crystal broth can be added to both AM and PM routines.

Cellular Concentrate Pure Gold

This brand LA PRAIRIE makes it twice in this list,and this is the golden glow bottle. This serum is for the tired skin that needs back resilience and i had to try this on my mom . This works wonders to the skin and LA PRAIRIE Cellular Concentrate is infused with pure gold.My mom’s skin looked tighter and more radiant on the 2 weeks of this product trial . So you want to gift the golden mother this golden concentrate this birthday ?

Orchidée Impériale
The Longevity Concentrate

Orchidée Impériale is a rare flower that foils time . This serum smells strong and the fragrance can be lingering for quiet sometime , the texture of this serum and the packaging are both to die for .This serum is for the more mature skin types and i had to use it on my mom to see results.This serum added back even tone and more refined look to her skin .Guerlain Orchidée Impériale is a winner if your skin has aged and you want a drop of life back to your skin everyday

L’Or de Vie

Dior L’Or de Vie serum is highly concentrated in Yquem Sap, it delivers the ultimate hydration. The skin is strengthened and becomes more resistant . Within application of few days the skin appears plump and toned.Dior L’Or de Vie serum helps to reconstruct the skin and glow from within .