It all started with a popular belief that oils are amazing for oily skin and acne prone skin as oils moisturize the skin and prevent excess secretion of sebum . I am sure it must be a post just like the one i am writing now that went viral and thus the statement became a belief.
Being a big fan of facial oils , the benefit of any facial oil that is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants are endless . Its a boon for those who can use facial oils and enjoy the results of nature’s liquid gold that will detoxify skin , repress free radical formation , prevent premature aging ,moisturize skin deeply,reduce pigmentation,lighten blemishes and leave a lasting glow.

But its not the same for people with acne prone skin and sensitive skin , the fatty acids present in any of these facial oils are dense and dont breakdown easily, resulting in congested pores ,enlarged pores , formation of white heads , breakouts and cystic acne.
After trying almost every oil in the market , I am almost on the verge of giving up on facials oils for our genre . Josie Maran Argan oil , Virgin coconut oil ,Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Oil , Sunday Riley Artemis , Rodin ,Clarins Santal Oil , I am only left out with Tatcha’s Camelia Oil and Tarte Maracuja oil. So , watch this space if i happen to find the HG facial oil for sensitive and acne prone skin.


Its alright if you cannot find “your” holy grail facial oil while all your friends rave about their favorites and benefits , switch to water based moisturizers and oil-free antioxidant serums.

Oils might be very tricky and cause skin congestion for a good 30 days. So, whenever you try an oil for your sensitive skin / Acne prone skin
• Make sure you try it under you chin area for 10 days
• Buy an oil that is plant based which is rich in Linoleic acid
• Avoid nutty oils rich in oleic acid
• Apply oils only 4 days a week
• Use a good cleanser every morning to get rid of any oil deposits
• Avoid using oils twice a day and add it to your PM routine instead.

Hoping to find a oil that is good for sensitive skin and that wont cause breakouts , the hunt is still on.